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Welcome to Play

Play is a site that I created especially for electronic keyboard players. Unlike other sites that purely focus on gear, this site will focus on synthesizers in action...real world applications of vintage and current synths. It will serve as a resource for you to check out some of the great keyboard players who use synthesizers and electronic keyboards as part of their sound. You will also be able to check out some of the synthesizer heavy musical genres that seem to be taking over the world. In addition, I want to guide you to resources that will allow you to actually improve your synthesizer playing. My sincere hope is that you will come away from this site having learned something.

I have included a very interesting section on classic vintage electronic keyboards and synthesizers. It's packed with the history of these keyboards along with sound files of classic recordings that utilized these vintage instruments.

The rise of electronic music over the past decade has lead to a revolution in new sounds and even new genre's such as electro-clash that use synthesizers and electronic keyboards as the foundation. However, the advances in technology have come at the expense of our collective keyboard playing. DJs, producers, and electronic music artists are making hit records without the ability to play a simple major scale! This speaks volumes about their raw talent but can you imagine what these same artists could accomplish with a little more facility? With a little more knowledge of harmony? It is not my intention to turn you all into jazz pianists, but I do want to assist my fellow electronic keyboard players in freeing themselves from the shackles of arpegiators, sequencers, and triggered samples. In your next productions, I want you to be able to insert a human element that can only come from you actually playing the part without quantization. Only then will we be able to truly take over the world......stay tuned.

Welcome to Play -- Revenge of the Synth

Rodney Lee


Check back as this site develops. There will be links to keyboard courses, programming tips, reviews, etc... everything you need to improve your synthesizer and electronic keyboard playing.

The first broadcast of "Life on Planet Funk" -- The Police
Keyboards: Yamaha S90 w/ Cry baby Wah Wah pedal & a Microkorg

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Alien Chatter
Satnam Ramgotra &
Rodney Lee

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